Area of Practice

Commercial / Corporate Industry

Lim Han Boon & Co provide the legal services as below :-
 Lease Agreement
 Partnership Agreement
 Sale and Purchase of Business
 Joint-Venture Agreement
 Shareholders Agreement
 Capital Reduction Exercise

Conveyancing & Banking Practice Group

The following legal services are also provided by Lim Han Boon & Co:-
 Sale and Purchase Agreement and Transfer
    - Developer cases
    - Non-developer / subsale cases
    - Auction cases
 Tenancy , Trust Deeds , Power of Attorney
 Wills and Estate Distribution
 FIC and State Government Approval for foreigners
 State government approval in relation to bumilot and malay reservation land
 Debentures – fixed / floating
 Memorandum of Deposits and Letter of Guarantee
 Securities documents on loan facilities and charges


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